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Luvsy Crib Sheets Promote Safe Sleep Habits

Luvsy Crib Sheets Promote Safe Sleep Habits

Creating the best sleep environment for your baby is more than a pretty crib, it's also about safe sleep. 

Luvsy is proud to support Safe to Sleep® and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by creating a safe sleep environment for your baby with Luvsy Crib Sheets.
How to create a safe sleep area for your baby with Luvsy: 
    1. Always place baby to sleep on his or her back for all sleep times.
      Luvsy's Crib Sheet designs are a gentle reminder that babies should be placed on their back to not only be apart of each Luvsy printed crib sheet scene but also to sleep baby safely, every time. 
    2. Sleep baby on a firm, flat sleep surface, such as a mattress in a safety-approved crib, covered by a fitted sheet.
      When it's baby's sleep time, it's Luvsy time. Luvsy Crib Sheets fit U.S. standard size cribs and safety-approved mattresses so baby is sleeping on a safe surface with each nap and night-night time. 
    3. When using your crib always keep soft bedding such as blankets, pillows, bumper pads, and soft toys out of your baby’s sleep area.
      Luvsy's Crib Sheets include beautiful printed scenes meant to be enjoyed, not covered. Not only does leaving additional items out of baby's crib allow you to enjoy each of our beautiful designs, it is also safer for baby. 

If you would like to read more about creating a safe sleep environment for your little one please visit:
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Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
Alison (Kingston, CA)

100% buy this. It's amazing

Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
sdlowery (Fayetteville, US)
Our little Astronaut

This sheet was a perfect addition to Legend’s space themed room! He is only 4 wks old but I know he is loving this already!!!

Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
Joan C (North Arlington, US)
Great gift!

I gave 3 sets to a special little boy! They are exactly what I expected! Adorable!

Thank you for your review Joan and we love the picture! We are so happy to see your special little boy out in a winter wonderland sledding.


You made this nest as perfect as a mama bird! Taking a well deserved rest in the nest!

Thank you for sharing your picture Janet - what an adorable photo :)

Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
Maureen L (Fort Myers, US)

Absolutely adorable!!!!!

We are thrilled you love your Butterfly Luvsy Crib Sheet Maureen. The butterfly is one of our favorites :)