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Meet Rebecca & Chris

Meet Rebecca & Chris

The business partner and parent duo from outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania behind Luvsy™. 

Rebecca & Chris, both parents of three children, met in 2011. Rebecca had just appeared on ABC's hit show Shark Tank for her product CitiKitty and Chris was putting the finishing touches on his first invention HoodiePillow. The business pair struck it off and decided to embark down the entrepreneurial journey of launching HoodiePillow together. 

In the years since HoodiePillow's 2012 launch and appearance on ABC's Shark Tank the duo has created numerous products and brands together all with the goal of making fun, useful products that bring a smile to the faces of young and old. 

Parent First, Business Owner Second 

Both being the parents of three children (Chris is the father of triplets!), Rebecca and Chris had the unique opportunity to create a business that focused on family first. Creating Luvsy alongside their children gave them the chance to include their children's ideas in the products, involve them in decision making and demonstrate for them that anything can be created if you put your mind to it.

Focusing on Giving Back

Luvsy was created to bring love and comfort not just to its customers but also to communities in need. This is why Luvsy created its Give Luv program. Every day Luvsy gives a blanket to a community or charity in need. And we allow our customers to help determine who those charity's are. If you have a charity or community you would like to nominate to receive free Luvsy products please fill out our form here

Next from Luvsy

Rebecca & Chris are so excited for all that 2018 and beyond has in store for Luvsy. We are excited to bring new creations and comfort into your home. Please contact us if you have any recommendations, comments or just want to share the luv! 

With Luv, 


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245 reviews
Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
Alison (Kingston, CA)

100% buy this. It's amazing

Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
sdlowery (Fayetteville, US)
Our little Astronaut

This sheet was a perfect addition to Legend’s space themed room! He is only 4 wks old but I know he is loving this already!!!

Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
Joan C (North Arlington, US)
Great gift!

I gave 3 sets to a special little boy! They are exactly what I expected! Adorable!

Thank you for your review Joan and we love the picture! We are so happy to see your special little boy out in a winter wonderland sledding.


You made this nest as perfect as a mama bird! Taking a well deserved rest in the nest!

Thank you for sharing your picture Janet - what an adorable photo :)

Luvsy Printed Crib Sheets
Maureen L (Fort Myers, US)

Absolutely adorable!!!!!

We are thrilled you love your Butterfly Luvsy Crib Sheet Maureen. The butterfly is one of our favorites :)